• Cassie House

Now What?

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

So, you have a great Rookie season...? Now what? How do you keep improving? Seems simple, right? Just keep playing and trying to get better. There are so many layers to that statement that I had not even begun to understand until recently. Do you take time off? Do you crush yourself in the weight room? Do you keep hitting the beach hard? How about coaches? New partners? Better training groups? Where do you begin trying to plan the next season's schedule? And, most importantly, what am I going to do to put myself in the best position for success? This game is, after all, a giant chess match.

What has saved me the most?

Not comparing my journey to those around me. Not comparing my game to other's around me. Kerri Shuch said it once, probably not with the intention to change my life, but she said that everyone's path is going to be different and it is up to us to determine where it goes. Nobody plays beach volleyball at a high level to get rich. We all play because we are passionate, crazy competitive, beach bums with an obsession about this round thing. And we all live incredibly different lifestyles with different backgrounds and different upbringings and even different priorities and THAT is the reason that you can never compare where you think you're at when you look at another player. Especially because they could be looking at you the exact same way; trying to hide their anxiety about buying that damn flight to AVP NYC in hopes of finishing in the money and living to play another day.

In that respect, it makes all of us that much more like the simple humans we are. We're all just doing our best and the ones with pure intentions and work ethics are the ones that are going to come out on top. The Universe, God, whatever you prefer, rewards those that can carry their cross and favors the optimistic along the way.

So, what is this rant really about? What is my best advice?

What you think, you will become. Manifesting desires is the first step to success and lighting that fire in your soul.


Always do the next right thing.

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