About me

I was plucked out of a basketball gym after growing up skiing, swimming, and playing soccer. My high school volleyball coach caught me for my height and taught me how to love the game, essentially changing my life entirely. I played club for New Mexico Juniors in Albuquerque, New Mexico while also competing for the Junior National Team in the summers. I then stayed in my hometown to play indoor for the University of New Mexico where I hold the 7th highest kill record in school history and got the opportunity to play for the Collegiate National Team while achieving All-Conference honors. I took my 5th year at Texas Christian University to play beach only before moving to California to pursue a professional beach career. 

Life’s better barefoot, with some fresh
Nothin' beats moments like this #crazydo

It's easy to believe an athlete is all-consumed by their sport, and it's usually true, but when I get free time, you'll more than likely find me outside or with my dog. I grew up skiing with my family or at the lake and the great outdoors are a sanctuary for me. Kona, pictured left, is my wolf-hybrid best friend and he loves the sand almost as much as he loves the snow. We run up and down the strand on the long board like he runs up and down the mountain when we hike. And if you really get to know me, you'll know that the rest of my world revolves around my family, loved ones and coaching. There is nothing like spreading the love of the game to the next generation of athletes and watching passion fill their eyes. 

I'm a lifelong advocate for healthy mind, body and spirit all being facilitators in being the best version of yourself, whether it's on the court, the sidelines, the mountains or the place that lights your soul on fire.